Forlog Oy
Varastokatu 1
FI-20200 Turku

Tel: +358(0)40 140 6688

E-mail: toimisto(at)

VAT number: 2131191-6

Important! Our phone number has changed!

New phone number is +358(0)40 140 6688

Service hours

Office on weekdays: 7.30am – 3.30pm
Logistics services on weekdays: 6.30am – 8.30pm.
All trucks must be at the Port by 7.00pm

Instruction for drivers:

Entry opposite to Silja cargo terminal, address Kuljetuskatu 5.

Report to warehouse number 122 or 124.

Instruction for visitors to Office:

Entry from Linnanaukko gate, car´s register number needs to informed beforehand.

Reflective vests must be worn in the area!

Contact us:

Kimmo Iljin
puh. 0400 820 118

Riika-Maria Iljin
puh. 040 820 7725

Tomi Kauhanen
puh. 040 837 3113

Terttu Lindberg
puh. 040 670 6363